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ADAC Motorsports Service

License agreements

You will find the most recent license agrerements from DMSB at:



Insurance offers

You are an active motorsport enthusiast? Then you should be well secured against additional risks. We from ADAC offer exclusive insurance for all our DMSB-Motorsport license holders.

ADAC Unfallschutz Motorsport will secure you 24/7 for the whole year for all isues:

  • on Motorsport-events, incl. trainings

  • at home and at the track

  • on the road

  • on all you travels

  • in your free time and while following your hobbies (e.g., hiking)

You'll find more information at:

Applications for ADAC Unfallschutz mit Motorsport-Risiko ADAC Unfallschutz Consumer Information ADAC Unfallschutz Information-Sheet Unfallversicherung Information-Sheet Prospect on ADAC Unfallschutz Motorsport For more informationen on additional offers by ADAC Motorsportversicherungen contact: Jühe & Jühe GmbH Wilhelmstraße 4 59581 Warstein Tel: 02902/912247-0 Fax: 02902/912247-70

ADAC Motorsports Awards

Members, that sucessfully contribute as active athletes or help in organising events may become eligable to be decorated with an official ADAC award.

For a selection of available awards see any of the official documents below: