ADAC Formel 4

ADAC Formula 4·20.6.2022

Valentin Kluss ahead of his first race in ADAC Formula 4: “Anticipation is huge”

For Valentin Kluss, the ADAC Formula 4 season begins at the Dutch Formula 1 circuit in Zandvoort (race weekend 24th to 26th June). Having celebrated his 15th birthday at the end of May, the ADAC Stiftung Sport driver is looking forward to making his debut in the German junior series at the wheel of the 180-hp Formula car. The youngster from Bad Mergentheim is the youngest driver in the ADAC’s high-speed school in 2022. In an interview, Kluss discusses his debut with the Berlin-based PHM Racing team, his expectations, the switch from karting, and finding the balance between school and motorsport.

Valentin Kluss on…

…the anticipation ahead of his first race in ADAC Formula 4: “The anticipation is huge and it has always been my dream to drive in Formula races. I have worked hard to make it into Formula 4. In the races, I will initially be trying to make it through without any issues and not take too many risks.”

…visiting ADAC Formula 4 race weekends and tests: “I really like the series and it is different to my time in karting. Everything is much bigger and more professional in ADAC Formula 4. It is impressive and makes it even more enjoyable.”

…his expectations for the season in the ADAC’s high-speed school: “I will try to get the best results possible and, above all, to avoid making any mistakes. I missed the first two race weekends because I was not old enough and had to wait until my 15th birthday. As such, I am already viewing the remaining races as preparation for the 2023 season, when I will be able to push harder with more experience.”

…the differences between karting and Formula racing: “The environment is completely different: Many more mechanics work on the car and the team is bigger. The physical strain is pretty much the same in a kart and a Formula 4 car. They both use virtually the same muscle groups. The kart tends to oversteer more, whereas the Formula car is smoother on the track. They are very different to drive.”

…his preparation for the race weekends: “I obviously do a lot of exercise. Besides that, I prepare for the circuits in a simulator and always receive some information from my race engineer in advance. I also watch races from previous seasons to identify overtaking possibilities.”

…finding the balance between school and motorsport: “I come home from school and do my homework. After that, however, it is all about motorsport for me. I try to prepare as well as possible for the races. I also do a lot of school stuff on the way back from races. That is not always so easy, as you are ultimately exhausted after a race weekend.”

…the support received in the newly-founded Motorsport Team Germany: “I am invited to tests, where it is primarily about physical fitness. There are also media training courses. For example, you learn a lot about the possibilities for racing drivers on social networks.”