ADAC Formel 4

ADAC Formula 4·1.7.2022

Jonas Ried: From the classroom to the racetrack

Jonas Ried missed Friday’s two free practice sessions at round three of this season’s ADAC Formula 4 in Zandvoort. For a good reason: The 17-year-old was sitting an exam. The PHM Racing driver is setting a good example and showing that school is important, even if you are passionate about motorsport.

Like other drivers of his age, Ried has his sights set firmly on a future career as a racing driver. However, he is also conscious that there are other everyday issues that need taking care of away from the racetrack. As well as attending the ADAC’s high-speed school, he also studies hard in Ehingen, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

“It hurt not to be involved in the free practices in Zandvoort,” says Ried. He followed the action at the Formula 1 circuit via the live timings. Unlike the two practice sessions, he simply could not miss the exam. “I am doing my advanced technical college certificate at the moment, and need the business administration test to pass,” Ried explains.

The son of Christian Ried, principal at GT team Proton Competition, has found time to study between sessions. “At the circuit, I often get my books out between practice and the race. I try to use my time efficiently, including in the car of plane on the way to the track,” says Ried, describing the balancing act between motor racing and school. The talented youngster lies ninth in the championship at the halfway point of the season.

His team-mate Valentin Kluss, who was making his debut in the ADAC’s junior series at Circuit Zandvoort, is familiar with the situation. At 15, the youngster from Bad Mergentheim is the youngest driver in this season’s field, and also still attends school. “I do my homework after the lesson. But after that, my world revolves solely around motorsport. Sometimes I something goes undone, and I have to try to catch up on some schoolwork on the way back from a race weekend. However, that takes a real effort,” says Kluss.