ADAC Formel 4 

ADAC Formula 4·10.5.2022

Cool colours for young stars

It is far from uncommon for drivers in the same team to sport virtually identical paintjobs on their cars in ADAC Formula 4. US Racing and PHM Racing, on the other hand, have opted for colourful accents to make it easier to distinguish between their drivers.

All the US Racing cars line up in a stunning night-blue base colour. However, the team run by Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar has come up with something rather special. In order to be able to identify the cars visually, the drivers were allowed to select the colour of the stripes on their car. With neon yellow (Marcus Amand), neon pink (Nikhil Bohra) and neon green (Pedro Perino), there is virtually no danger of mistaking the cars. Bohra and Perino have also adapted their helmet design to suit that of their 180-hp Formula 4 race cars, again making them easier to recognise.

PHM Racing is also using different colours to distinguish between their cars. The Halo roll bar, wing mirrors and steering wheel stickers are the same colour on each driver’s car. Nikita Bedrin starts in orange, Jonas Ried in blue and Taylor Barnard in white. Valentin Kluss, on the other hand, has gone for yellow accents. Age restrictions mean the 14-year-old must wait until the third weekend of the season (24th to 26th June), which forms part of the GT Masters event at Circuit Zandvoort, to join this year’s ADAC Formula 4.

The next race weekend for the ADAC’s high-speed school is from 13th to 15th May at the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg.