ADAC Formel 4 

ADAC Formula 4·31.5.2022

Charlie Wurz: “I view my father as ‘Dad’ and not as the former Formula 1 driver”

Charlie Wurz is regarded as one of the most promising and talented young drivers in his home country, Austria. The 17-year-old is following in the footsteps of his father Alex Wurz, who appeared in Formula 1 between 1997 and 2007. The young driver is competing in the ADAC Formula 4 this season, where he is hoping to lay the foundations for a successful career. In this interview, Wurz chats about the ADAC academy of speed, the relationship with his father and his special helmet design.

Charlie Wurz on…

…the ADAC Formula 4: “I think this is an exceptional series, as it gives drivers plenty of driving time on the track. The competition is really strong and everyone is driving at a really high level. The focus is squarely on racing.”

…his races thus far in the ADAC academy of speed: “The best Formula 4 drivers are in the ADAC Formula 4, which makes it one of the best series in Europe. The team and I have already proved how fast we are by securing a podium at the opening race in Spa-Francorchamps.”

…the footsteps of his father Alex Wurz: “I view my father as ‘Dad’ and not as the former Formula 1 driver, which is why I don’t feel any pressure there. I am concentrating on my goals and my dreams.”

…the relationship with his father: “He is pretty busy, so he can’t always be at the circuit. But when he is there, of course he gives me some valuable tips. He was a racing driver too and that means he can help me in many situations.”

…his helmet design, which is similar to his father’s: “I drove my first kart races with my father’s helmet. It didn’t fit at all and was really wobbly. So, the first time I got my own helmet, I wanted my own design. But I really like his colour combinations with blue, yellow and green, which is why the two designs are pretty similar. I think that my helmet is quite distinctive, as a lot of the others out there look pretty similar.”

…his first experiences of motor racing: “I raced a kart for the first time when I was eight and I loved it. It didn’t take me long to work out that some drivers are very professional. Then I asked my father for permission to compete in races. Of course, he said yes and then we went to my first race weekend. I enjoyed it right away and ever since then, I wanted to become a racing driver.”

…combining school and motor racing: “It is definitely not easy to get everything done, as I am at the track virtually every weekend. I try to do my homework after the sessions, which can be pretty strenuous. I also use the flights back home to prepare for classes. But I love motor racing and I am happy to do this.”

…preparing for race weekends: “I often visit my Prema Racing team in Italy and work in the simulator. I also prepare at home by doing a lot of sport.”