ADAC Formel 4 

ADAC Formula 4·7.10.2021

From serious damage to top result: The eventful weekend of Michael Sauter

The suitcases had already been packed and the demolished race car stowed in the trailer, when all of a sudden salvation approached. A number of mechanics from opposing teams stood in front of the Sauters’ tent and offered their assistance. “I really did not expect that,” said team principal Stephan Sauter, recalling that moment with a smile. “That is not something that can be taken for granted. We are in a competitive sport and the team shave a lot of work to do on their own cars.”

So what exactly happened? In the second ADAC Formula 4 qualifying session at the Sachsenring, Michael Sauter (17, Switzerland, Sauter Engineering + Design) entered a corner too fast, lost control of the car and was unable to avoid an impact. While the rookie came out of the crash physically unscathed, his car was badly affected. There was no way the small team from Switzerland could repair the damage at the circuit. It looked far more likely that the crash could mean a premature end to the season.

However, the ADAC Formula 4 field came together in a show of solidarity. Mechanics from the Van Amersfoort Racing, R-ace GP and US Racing teams pitched in and energetically set about helping to rebuild the car. No sooner said than done – Michael Sauter was actually able to take part in the weekend’s races and rewarded the huge commitment of all involved with his best result in ADAC Formula 4. He crossed the finish line fifth in race three.

“We did not expect so much support, but we were obviously very, very grateful,” said Michael’s father Stephan, who feels the solidarity among the ADAC Formula 4 teams is also an important sign to those on the outside. It is not just about coming through in sporting competition, but also standing together in critical moments.