ADAC Formel 4 

ADAC Formel 4·10.11.2020

Portrait of Best Rookie champion Tim Tramnitz: Teenager from Hamburg impresses by virtue of consistency and passion

The jubilation on achieving his objective knew no bounds for Tim Tramnitz. The secondary school student from Hamburg finally celebrated a maiden ADAC Formula 4 victory in the very last race on the 2020 calendar. "It's mega," said Tramnitz with a broad grin. "I'm obviously delighted. I've been working towards this all year, and it all came together in the last race." The final round of the competition at Oschersleben was the crowning glory of an impressive rookie season for the ADAC Sports Foundation protégé, as the 15-year-old clinched the Best Rookie title in superior style. This came as no surprise, given the youngster's passion for racing.

The pure joy he derives from high-speed driving was made eminently apparent on the penultimate race weekend at the Lausitzring, which turned into an unmitigated battle in the rain. The weather transformed the grassy run-off areas into a sea of mud and the track itself into a skid pan. Fortunately, Tramnitz is one of those racers who love to drive in any conditions. Asked to comment on the fact that the rain was constantly pouring down from the sky and the spray of the cars was getting thicker and thicker, Tramnitz pithily replied: "It was really a lot of fun."

As a member of the Kerpen-based US Racing squad, Tramnitz had ample opportunity to demonstrate his natural skills during this first year in formula racing. He rarely made mistakes and impressed by virtue of consistency: he only once finished outside the points, and after four runner-up spots, he at last posted a well-deserved overall victory. "I am totally satisfied with the way the season turned out," said Tramnitz.

He has gone through an apprenticeship, and not only on the track: "I have generally learned a lot in motorsport, which has greatly helped at home and in my school studies. I have matured a lot thanks to these new experiences, which have included handling pressure situations." As a member of the championship-winning team of the past two years, Tramnitz soon established his credentials as the leading contender among the three rookies; he was even able to match his more experienced team-mate, Elias Seppänen, for pace. Tramnitz's overall win in the last race also propelled him to fourth place in the general classification.

The route into motorsport was already mapped out for Tramnitz early on. He recalls his early days on four wheels: "I have been interested in cars since I was a child, and I was given an electric quad at the age of two. When I was five, I finally got a real quad, but my grandmother was always afraid that I would crash it into something." He then followed the customary path of a budding racing driver: "At the age of almost six, I started karting at the local club. I was championship runner-up in my very first season, and the following year, I won the title."

In pursuit of his passion, Tramnitz enjoyed the full support of his family, and they eventually presented him with a very special gift. "At some point, I came home and there was a real racing kart in our garage. It was an amazing moment for me; I was absolutely thrilled." Tramnitz now began competing at the highest national level.

In 2014 he came under the wings of two-time DTM champion Timo Scheider and three years later entered the ADAC Kart Academy, which he won at the first attempt. In such a competitive and prestigious series, this was no mean feat: "Every driver had virtually the same kart with the same chassis. Everything depended on the driver."

After two more years in karting, Tramnitz fulfilled a lifelong dream with the switch to formula racing. In 2020, Tramnitz graduated to ADAC Formula 4, which enjoys an excellent international reputation. It became an instant success story: "I simply adore formula racing - you're always learning something new." For 2021 the plan is to spend another season in ADAC Formula 4, again with US Racing: "But in motorsport, you never know what new doors might open. Of course, I would also be very happy about a chance to perhaps take the next step up." If that doesn't materialise, it certainly won't be for any lack of passion.