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Pink replaces orange: Berliners opt for new livery

New look for BWT Mücke Motorsport

Whilst embarking on a new challenge, the main focus of the Berlin-based team continues to be on the promotion of young talent.

A new look for the ADAC Formula 4 team run by Peter Mücke: As they ready themselves for their third season in ADAC Formula 4, the Berlin-based outfit have decided to change their livery. The BWT Mücke Motorsport cars will no longer be identifiable by their previous bright orange colour scheme but in future by a shocking pink. But BWT Mücke are still not willing to reveal who will be sitting in the cockpits of these conspicuous racers. Mike David Ortmann, who finished third in the championship last year, will not be part of the Mücke ADAC Formula 4 line-up but remains a member of the team. He has graduated to the BWT Mücke Motorsport senior squad as they make their first venture into the ADAC GT Masters, entering two Audi R8 LMSs and a Mercedes-AMG GT3.

After twelve successful years in the DTM, BWT Mücke Motorsport are shifting their attention to the ADAC GT Masters. Despite the new challenge, their main focus continues to be on the promotion of young talent. “We are very keen to train up our drivers and, at the same time, to provide them with future prospects,” says team principal Peter Mücke. “The best example of this is Mike David Ortmann. We watched him take his first steps in formula racing, and we are now giving him the chance to develop with us in professional GT sport.”

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