Lechner Racing will field Richard Wagner in 2017 Photo: Lechner Racing
Lechner Racing will field Richard Wagner in 2017 Photo: Lechner Racing

Lechner Racing will field Richard Wagner in 2017

Rookie to contest his maiden race for the Austrian team after two-year training programme

Wagner in the run-up to his ADAC Formula 4 debut: "I've known Lechner Racing for many years now and felt right at home right from the start."

Pedal to the metal as the ADAC Formula 4's third season draws near! Lechner Racing will field Richard Wagner this year in the highly competitive series for juniors. Like his famous namesake, the 17-year-old would like to call the tune in the future - but in motor racing. After joining Lechner Racing School in the autumn of 2014 and undergoing a training programme, the rookie will contest the very first races of his career in 2017 with the emphasis on gaining experience and learning 'on the job'.

Without having had the benefit of any karting or racing experience, the 17-year-old Bavarian quickly turned out to be a natural and was made a test driver for the successful Austrian Formula 4 team in 2016. "I saw Richard in our racing school for the first time back in October 2014, driving a Formula racing car. Looking at his performance, I could hardly believe that he's had absolutely no karting experience whatsoever," said Robert Lechner, Sporting Director at Lechner Racing. And Technical Director Walter Lechner is also impressed by Wagner's talent: "As a test driver in our Formula 4 team during 2016, Richard not only built up the necessary fitness but also learned a great deal and benefited from the example of the more experienced drivers."

Wagner's enthusiasm for technology will also be of great advantage in his work with the engineers. He is also training with a physiotherapist to improve his physical fitness and spends many hours in the simulator so as to be well prepared for his maiden race. Wagner easily fits his intensive training at Lechner into his schedule, juggling studies for his school-leaving certificate in the summer with his impending training as a shipping clerk and his debut season in the ADAC Formula 4.

"I've known Lechner Racing for many years now and felt at home right from the start. It's like having a second family. Robert and Walter are looking after me really well at the Lechner Racing School, and I always knew that I would drive for them one day," said Richard Wagner, who is also aware of his shortcomings: "Of course, I still lack racing experience, so I've got to be realistic about my first season. I want to enjoy the highs and lows and not let the tough moments get me down. You have to take the rough with the smooth to be a good racing driver. The only important thing is never to lose your good mood or sense of fun!"

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